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The Gift of Pain - Audiobook

The Gift of Pain - Audiobook

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For Tony R. Kitchens, childhood was no different than anyone else in his neighborhood. However, his neighborhood was much different than others in Chicago. What Tony didn't know in his early years was that he would build a company that grossed more than $100 million dollars before the age of 45. Nor did he know that even though life would provide many opportunities to give up. His humble upbringing gave him the mental and emotional tools to overcome the loss of his parents, surviving a Category 5 hurricane and a business closing. Even after all of that, he maintained his faith, peace and ambition to achieve more than ever before. It’s true, if Tony can make it, so can you. Learn how to face fear and pain and use them as fuel to achieve whatever you desire in life. The Gift of Pain is Tony’s story.

Tony personally narrates this book, bringing his story to life in his own words.

Enjoy this book in an audio format that can be played on your smart phone, tablet, computer and other devices that have audio playback capabilities.

Note: The audio device in the photo is for display purposes only and is not for sale

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